Pallet Co.,Ltd.,Taiwan R.O.C.
Cheaper, can be replaced the wooden pallets
maintainable, easy dis-assemble, less storage space
Easy moving, less moving expenses
100% recyclable
Free fumigation, anti-water and easy clean-up
Lighter, easy handling
Exclusive techniques and patents
Can supply and install radio frequency identification RFID systems.
Economic type plastic pallet-(For one-way shipment)
  Type:Mesh surface、Flat。  
Logistic  type
Ex-size  type

We also can provide RFID tags embedded on our products to allow our customers to identify their goods during/after transportation with tract, trace and monitoring on Location,Time,Temperature,Humidity, Vibration etc as you need in real time.RFID can improving the efficiency on moving of your goods in better shape and greener on our planet.

Asset management and prevention of loss is very important to link the two
Objectives: risk reduction from the following:

  • Reduce cycle time
  • Damage to assets, access to accurate data
  • Monitor and reduce asset losses
  • Improve existing processes

This will benefit from RFID technology "to track target" visualization。
The project's benefits will be reflected in the following areas:

  • By reducing paperwork and can get accurate information to improve the throughput of the service center.
  • Reduce asset inspection time。
  • Avoid duplication of assets caused by costs associated with inspection。
  • Loss of access to assets data, charge and control。
  • Through increased supply chain visibility to reduce loss。